The Mission of the “American Freedom Project" is to provide a “gathering forum” for all true grassroots conservatives, including not only those active in a political party, but also those disaffected from the party experience who have already left and/or maintained involvement elsewhere. We invite and welcome all conservative grassroots individuals and organizations to gather with us, where they will not be ridiculed, demeaned, or betrayed...and function OUTSIDE the structure of the political party organization, thereby able to confer upon their own priorities, goals, and agendas. We recognize that these conservatives are outstanding and valuable citizens who care passionately for their country, the advancement of their principles, and the protection of their traditional American values. We seek to provide a central venue...a welcoming and unifying forum...where they will be valued, productive, and beneficial to each other.

This is NOT an effort to consolidate grassroots individuals or groups into a single centralized organization with concentrated authority or power, but simply to provide a gathering forum where they can meet and discover each other, learn of each other’s missions and activities, explore issues, benefit from each other’s experience, and find ways to voluntarily coalesce and support each other. We respect the independent identities and missions of individual groups.

We acknowledge the universal conservative principle which recognizes that, under Article VI, The United States Constitution is the “supreme law of the land,” and that all branches of government, at all levels, are subject to it. And that our rights are endowed to us by our God, and not by that Constitution. But that our government’s legitimate role, in the greater sense under that Constitution, is simply to guarantee and protect those rights.

The American Freedom Project will provide a place where grassroots conservatives can organize among themselves, promote and debate ideas, and strive eventually to exert positive, productive, effective, and unified influence upon political parties and/or public officials to become receptive to our ideas and carry them forward to action. Those who wish to simultaneously stay active in a party are nevertheless encouraged to do so.

We do, however, seek to facilitate the fortification and unification of the grassroots conservative movement as a political force unto itself, and to the extent it possesses the ability to advance its agenda under its own command of influence.

The singular goal here is to advance conservative principles, the conservative agenda, traditional American values, and preserve for future generations this as a great nation and the home of freedom, strength, and prosperity to the world.